Open source

Product news you need. No more spammy emails and notifications. Only unobtrusive news aggregation that you can review at your own pace.

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Reduce your eyes' strain. Take regular 20-second breaks,every 20 minutes.

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Bolt CMS

A content management system that helps frontenders build dynamic websites fast and easy.

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Client work

Europeana is the European Union's keynote project for sharing cultural and scientific artifacts online.

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The online mobile media tour for the Mauritshuis museum, containing the works of Rembrandt, Vermeer & Holbein the Younger.

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Markup languages: HTML, XML

Stylesheets: plain CSS, SASS, SCSS, PostCSS, Bulma, Tailwindcss, Bootstrap

JavaScript: VanillaJS, Vue.js, React, jQuery


Programming languages: PHP, Python (and used Ruby, C, C++, C# and Java)

Web frameworks: Symfony, Django

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): REST, GraphQL


Machine: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016) 2 GHz Intel Core i5 8GB RAM

IDEs: PHPStorm, WebStorm